Wednesday, July 14, 2010

welcome note

Hi readers... welcome in.. make yourself like home  ^_^

Hurm.. from the blog title, i think u guys would know the basic approach of my new blog rather than my last blog, terompahsurau as here is All about sharing knowledge  

At first this blog was produced in order to fulfill one of my subject requirement but after having a long thought, I feel that it was a good start for me actually to share with you on what i learn in & outside the class each day. Furthermore, being here in this high fee course MBA, I think I SHOULD NOT keep all the knowledge for myself or waste it when i just simply forget them *sigh....

So, as a new comer in this business world, this blog will be loaded with simple theory and simple explanation for u to understand about the business concept in our daily life.

I really hope that you would share your knowledge and opinion in each post in the future.. Thanks in advance everyone..


  1. :) dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan!

  2. betul betul betul

    *1st comment..yay!

  3. perempuanku,

    good job! teruskan usaha.
    sila visit
    rumah baru yang lebih matang <- cea.. bunyi lebih dewasa tak? waka waka eh eh.

  4. ahaha...xde yg lebih dewasa dr belong mu syira..hehe.. terus kan menulis..chayo!!